This Is How Our Story Began

JV Enterprise is Co-Founded by Joyce Walthour and Valarie Elmore. Joyce, a native of Chicago and Valarie, a native of Ohio coming from the Midwest and growing up in the center of the greatest time in music history the Motown era escaping to the comforts of music has always been a way of life. 

With family members such as the illustrious Jazz diva Donna Hightower and Bryce Thompson ( AKA ) Killa B along with many others. that have already blazed the industry trails, it seemed inevitable that these two would combine their knowledge and skills to integrate the music world of today. 


Music is our passion and service is our greatest gift, the combined skills, knowledge and connections afford JV Enterprise LLC to focus on providing our artist with the proper tools needed to grow and develop their skillset to flourish in their endeavors

Meet Our Team

Joyce Walthour


Works on behalf of artists to promote the artists' careers and maintain all business affairs, her network and connections provide the necessary strategies needed for a successful career in music.

Valerie Elmore


Financial manager who works to ensure the financial health of JV Enterprise. She assist management with making financial decisions.

Evelyn Winston

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant who supports managers and artist through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication.

Kirk Elmore II

A&R Representative

A&R representative of JV Enterprise who Identifies potential artist and talent. He is the one who creates artist unique music sound.


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Joyce Walthour :

Co-Founder / Manager

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